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  1. Studying in the UAE presents numerous benefits that go beyond academics and the campus itself. whilst the education can be of top quality depending on where you study, the life style in the UAE can vary greatly to ones in Europe. I've found that in studying here i have been able to experience so much from the multitude of cultures that mix in the UAE. One can opt for which ever life style they choose in the UAE to. those interested in a more relaxed approach to education or those who prefer the fast paced feeling of a big city can both find themselves in the UAE. transport may be a problem from time to time but what country doesn't have such issues? adjusting to the different culture and attitudes in the UAE coming from outside the middle east may be more of a learning experience than a "shock" and the general friendliness of those living here often help one adapt. one can also perhaps reap the benefits of a cheaper campus life in the UAE compared to outside the middle east, where gas, food and rent can force a student to take loans. night life in the UAE exists and can take the form of loud clubs or simple get-togethers at the cafe so one's social life isn't restricted by living in the UAE. what the cities may lack in size, they make up for in variety and life. from concerts and the arts to the Rugby sevens and the formula one races, students studying here will find their interests.
    I've found the UAE as great place to study and begin my education and i believe to study in the UAE can only get better.

  2. UAE has a large number of universities, colleges and institutes to choose from, it brings world-reowned universities together in one country. The environment is truly multi-cultural.

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